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GOAL 2 -- Strengthen the service capacity of the area’s non-profit organizations, human service agencies, and relevant government departments

Increase coordination, communication, and resource sharing to enhance the impact of local social service providers, government agencies, and area businesses.

BLI fills gaps in the existing social services delivery system by providing emergency services and innovative programs to survivors of domestic violence, young parents facing intergenerational issues, ex-offenders, current or former homeless persons, chemically dependent individuals, clients with multiple diagnoses, and others rebuilding their lives.

Objective A) Increase coordination, communication, and resource sharing among organizations.

  • Establish contact with local agencies
  • Establish memorandum-of-understanding documents with full service agencies
  • Provide technical assistance, advice, and mentoring in areas of strategic planning, organizational development and community problem solving.
  • Initiate better coordination among local service providers
  • Involve service providers in development of more effective programs.

Objective B) Foster a range of partnerships among organizations and develop cooperative strategies for planning, financing, management, and service delivery.

  • Stimulate interagency communication and networking
  • Initiate coalitions in support of community concerns
  • Sustain a coalition of service providers
  • Pursue joint funding possibilities
  • Promote cooperative services and programs

Objective C) Improve the organizing, planning, and management capacity of community-based organizations.

  • Establish or contract with a consulting team to create baseline evaluations for organizations
  • Recommend changes and adjustments
  • Provide technical assistance