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Goal 1) Promote the development of healthy, creative, civically engaged individuals and families
  1. Provide professional emergency services and crisis intervention not otherwise available for individuals, children and families
  2. Create new opportunities for individuals and families
Goal 2) Strengthen the service capacity of the area’s non-profit organizations, human service agencies, and relevant government departments
  1. Increase coordination, communication, and resource sharing among organizations.
  2. Foster a range of partnerships among organizations and develop cooperative strategies for planning, financing, management, and service delivery.
  3. Improve the organizing, planning, and management capacity of community-based organizations.
Goal 3) Encourage economic development that expands the area’s employment and tax base
  1. Expand opportunities for existing businesses Recruit appropriate new businesses Create opportunities for micro-enterprises Develop new employment opportunities
Goal 4) Stimulate the revitalization of existing neighborhoods and the development of new sustainable communities.
  1. Promote participatory approaches to community and regional planning and development
  2. Expand housing opportunities for a wide range of individuals and families
  3. Develop innovative housing solutions for non-traditional families and people with special needs
  4. Improve the physical quality of neighborhoods and communities
Goal 5) Initiate, develop, and direct an institute for the study of small city issues
  1. Invite university participation in resident-led urban research, planning, development, training, dissemination, and evaluation.
  2. Provide technical assistance and training to sister efforts in other cities.
  3. Offer field-based learning experiences such as internships and externships to students, civic leaders, and independent scholars.
  4. Create a nexus for funding small city research.