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GOAL 3 -- Encourage economic development that expands the areaís employment and tax base

BLI provides coherent commercial development that promotes community revitalization through site assembly and development, coordinated planning, improved governmental relations, business recruitment, recruitment of investors, regional and national marketing, and coordination of financial packaging.

Objective A) Expand opportunities for existing businesses

  • Initiate contact with area businesses to discuss their plans and needs
  • Initiate contact with businesses to collaborate on physical planning issues
  • Assist local businesses in accessing regional, national and international markets
  • Collaborate with other business districts to create marketing materials
  • Develop property tax abatements and other financial incentives to promote business expansion

Objective B) Recruit appropriate new businesses

  • Assist entrepreneurs with basic business planning
  • Contact and present information to local, regional, and national potential investors
  • Consult with businesses regarding their facility utilization

Objective C) Create opportunities for micro-enterprises

  • Encourage the growth of large, medium, and micro local businesses
  • Create a mechanism for individual businesses to present their profiles and financial needs to regional, national and international investors
  • Seek new sources of funding

Objective D) Develop new employment opportunities

  • Develop a network of employers receptive to BLIís clients for internships or employment
  • Develop sponsorship programs with local businesses