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GOAL 4 -- Stimulate the revitalizing of existing neighborhoods and the development of new sustainable communities.

BLI promotes connections among businesses, residents, institutions, and property owners in targeted areas through community outreach, consultation, and research. BLI initiates new collaborative efforts through mediation, diplomacy, and identification of mutual interests. BLI seeks to promote reinvestment and redevelopment in local communities through participatory planning and design.

Objective A) Promote participatory approaches to community and regional planning and development

  • Identify stakeholders
  • Mobilize the stakeholders to participate in comprehensive neighborhood revitalization efforts
  • Formulate a comprehensive neighborhood plan
  • Formulate a land use plan
  • Develop appropriate zoning amendments
  • Secure endorsement of the plan by local regulatory agencies
  • Ensure implementation of the plan by initiating agreements among stakeholders

Objective B) Expand housing opportunities for a wide range of individuals and families

  • Inventory existing housing stock and document conditions in target areas
  • Promote rehabilitation of selected buildings
  • Develop new housing stock
  • Link clients and neighbors to home ownership programs
  • Create an acquisition plan for more units
  • Plan new residential areas
  • Formulate detailed rehab plan
  • Develop a plan for needed in-fill housing
  • Foster home maintenance and repair programs

Objective C) Develop innovative housing solutions for non-traditional families and people with special needs.

  • Identify client groups with special housing needs
  • Conduct design research
  • Develop special needs housing

Objective D) Improve the physical quality of neighborhoods and communities

  • Plan and develop green space, shared parking, walkway systems, and bike lanes
  • Act as an interface between government and residents on such issues as zoning, building code enforcement, and quality of life ordinances
  • Mediate conflicts between competitive users of neighborhood resources